1. Task Participation:

  • Join in tasks: Users can readily participate in tasks on the network from their own devices.

  • Collaborative learning with various nodes.

2. Task Display & Management:

  • Tasks display dashboard for viewing available tasks, including model type, data descriptions, and rewards.

  • Real-time task progress monitoring.

  • Task filtering and search helps users easily locate and engage with tasks that suit their interests or expertise.

  • Task analytics for insightful visualisation.

3. Authentication & Social Integration:

  • Social media integration for streamlined registration and login.

  • Secure authentication.

  • Profile management: Enables users to manage profiles, network with peers, and track contributions.

4. Confidential Computation:

  • On-device processing: All computations are carried out on the user's device, safeguarding the security and confidentiality of the data and models.

  • Encrypted communication to secure data transmission within the network.

  • Control and transparency: Gives users full control over their data, including how and when it is used.

Future Features Road Map

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