Delegator Guide

How to delegate your stake to help validate tasks

You can only choose one role per task!

Delegators contribute to the FLock system by supporting other participants’ staking process, enhancing the network’s validation capacity without directly participating in the task validation process. They stake tokens on behalf of other participants, thereby increasing the delegatees’ potential to be selected for task assignments and influencing the overall reward distribution mechanism.

1. Stake FML as Delegator from

Complete the following steps to stake a Delegator:

  1. Navigate to the Delegator tab on the Stake page

  2. Select validator task to delegate your FML to

  3. Enter number of FML tokens to stake

  4. Stake FML

Once you've successfully executed the staking transaction from your wallet, you will see your stake summary at the bottom of the Delegator page:

2. Claim rewards after task training period is complete

Reward distribution is triggered every 24 hours at midnight UTC. The final round of reward distribution is triggered at the once the task training period is complete.

You can claim your rewards via

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