Four user roles:

  • Model Proposer:

    Conceptualise and introduce new models. Delineate clear use cases and pinpoint relevant data sources that underpin development and efficacy.

  • Data Contributor:

    Offering valuable datasets that help the model to learn and adapt.

  • End User:

    User feedback is a critical component, offering insights that drive improvement.

  • Developer:

    Act as the bridge between the model's capabilities and practical applications. They leverage the API endpoints to integrate the model into diverse software applications, thereby expanding its functional reach and accessibility.

At the core of this ecosystem lies a sophisticated chatbot, driven by state-of-the-art LLMs.

The chatbot is not only empowered by the computational prowess of LLMs but is also equipped with advanced search and retrieval functionalities. This enables it to extract and leverage information from a dynamically evolving databaseβ€”a repository enriched by the continuous contributions of Data Contributors.

This dual capability ensures that the chatbot remains both intelligent and informed, able to deliver nuanced and contextually relevant responses.

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