This is the FAQ page to help you going through the journey with FLock.

Why do I need to use my private key?

The design of FLock leverages federated learning, essentially representing a distributed learning framework. In more understandable terms, this means each user operates their own node for running the training process. We utilise blockchain technology as an integral part of our system, using it as an incentivisation layer. The private key in this context holds significant importance. It is required by the user to initialize the client, mainly because it ensures security and user authenticity. This key validates the user's transactions, and by extension, their contributions to the learning process, thus maintaining the integrity and the decentralised nature of our system.

Will I have any private key exploitation issues?

The FLock system is designed to prioritize user security; all the training operations are carried out locally on your device, ensuring your private keys are never exposed to us or anyone else. We do not have access to your private keys nor are they stored on any central server, thus maintaining the decentralized and secure nature of our system. However, it's important for you to know that the safekeeping of your private keys is under your control, so you must ensure to keep them secure and confidential to prevent any potential issues.

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