Participate from Client


Please install the following toolset to allow you to have a smoother process.


  • Client Download and Installation:

  • Sign-in and Wallet Connection:

    • Launch the FLock client application.

    • Click on "Connect Wallet" for sign-in.

    • Log in using your registered email.

  • Faucet & Token Minting:

    • Navigate to the "Faucet" section.

    • Click the "Get MATIC Mumbai" link. Ensure it redirects correctly to the Polygon faucet.

    • Check if 100 FLC can be minted seamlessly by clicking on "Mint".

  • Task Participation & Training:

    • Click on the "Train" option.

    • Select a task LLM task

    • Import your test dataset into the task.

      • For test dataset you can find it on our website

      • With the matching task name

    • Stake 10 FLC for the task.

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