Task Creating

Instruction for task creator to create a training task.

This is the guide to guide through the instruction of creating tasks. For this tutorial, we will guide you through the example of a LLM training set.

You can find the example in v1-sdk/examples/flock_llm


Please install the following toolset to allow you to have a smoother process.

The general steps are split into two parts

  • Usage of SDK

  • Usage of Client

Prepare FLock client (For FLock Central)


IFPS Central address: ipfs.flock.io/api/v0/add


SDK is the tool to help the user bundle and submit the data to the IPFS server.

  1. Clone the repo of V1-SDK git clone -b fedllm https://github.com/FLock-io/v1-sdk.git

  2. You can choose a model from the example directory, then go to the model directory.

  3. Run ./upload_pinata.sh to upload model to IPFS

  4. Get Hash key

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