Function breakdown

This system streamlines the process of creating, deploying, and utilising customised AI models.

Function breakdown

The AI Co-Creation Platform operates through various phases, incorporating model proposals and live chatting.

Core components and workflow:

  1. Model Proposal:

    Submit AI model proposals, describing tasks and required data sources for applications like AI x Web 3 projects or longevity research.

  2. Data Contribution:

    To encourage the submission of high-quality data, we offer rewards of tokens.

  3. Voting on Knowledge Base:

    Voting system for community members to validate the contributed knowledge, ensuring relevance and safeguarding against malicious content.

  4. Chatbot Deployment:

    Top-rated models are deployed as interactive bots on Discord channels, broadening the accessibility of AI to a wider audience.

  5. Reward System:

    Model Proposers, Data Contributors and Model Hosts receive rewards based on data relevance, bot usage, and user feedback.

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