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A guide to FLock's federated learning client

At FLock, our team has been innovating to redefine the Web3 interaction experience. We are pleased to announce the FLock v0.7 client interface.

We understand the pivotal role websites play in this domain, particularly with wallet plugins relying on browser cores.

New v0.7 client interface

The v0.0.1 client for test beta has challenges:

  • Relied on Python.

  • Involved command prompt execution.

  • Presented a steep learning curve for our community.

Through internal discussions and listening to user feedback, we collectively agreed on a new interface to reduce barriers and streamline user interactions.

Hence, we proudly present the v0.7 client interface.

The new FLock client interface has a graphical user interface (GUI). Wrapped in Electron, it is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing users to engage with FLock’s diverse functionalities.

Private keys v0.0.2 resolution

We have successfully resolved the data protection concerns associated with private keys in v0.0.2 by transitioning to social logins.

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