Client release



Wallet and user experience improvement

  • Deeplink support - now you can directly join in the task from the website

  • Add Import Wallet by Private Key - two login methods for user to choose, MetaMask EOA wallet or Social login

  • Add Register Email - Email is used for future Galxe Campaign purpose

  • Fix UI issues

  • Improve UI

  • Change List of Tasks screen - New version of Task view screen, synced with website

  • Fix Docker image download issue - now through docker Hub

  • Change from IPFS Flock Gateway to Pinata Gateway - With Pinata, we will have better performance in download and upload.

  • Fix for major outdated ABI bug

  • UI improvements

  • Improve Task UI

  • Show tasks in a table

  • Add create task

  • Add task report with Token Balance and Accuracy Chart


Social Login & Token Minting

  • Social Login with Web3Auth: Integrated Web3Auth for streamlined social login, simplifying user authentication and providing secure access through blockchain-based credentials.

  • Faucet for Minting FLock (FLC) Tokens: Introduced a faucet mechanism allowing users to mint FLC tokens, which can be used for training, creating tasks, and engaging with the ecosystem.

  • Enhanced User Interface: Improved user interface (UI) design for a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.

  • Bug Fixes and Performance Optimization: Addressed known issues from the initial release and optimized the client's performance for smoother interactions.


Initial Release

  • Basic Task Interaction: Enabled users to join and observe existing tasks within the FLock ecosystem.

  • Core Security Measures: Implemented the initial security protocols to ensure privacy and integrity.

  • User Documentation: Provided essential guides and documentation to assist users in navigating the system.

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